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Here's the newsletter I just sent out. I don't usually post these infrequent newsletters, but I thought you'd like to see an example. Often, I send out a newsletter and give my email list the first opportunity to purchase my work. So that's one of the reasons you might want to subscribe to my newsletter. See the heading at right that says, "Get the inside scoop"? That's where you sign up.

Dear Folk Art Friends -

Recently I posted an antique Little Red Riding Hood book on my blog. This is a book my husband gave me for our anniversary several years ago. The book inspired me to make a Little Red Riding Hood doll.  And then that nspired me to invite the Maida Dolls Group members to join in a challenge to make dolls based on public domain storybook characters.   We have been having a blast with that, and will be submitting our creations as a group to a magazine.  

We'll see what comes of that, but in the meantime we are having a LOT of fun and some fantastic dolls are being made by Maida Dolls Group members.   You can see my doll in process:

On another front, I decided to offer one last session of the online Izannah Walker Workshop class, after I had several requests.   So if you know of someone who has wanted to take the class but missed the previous sessions, please send them here to sign up.

Thanks for reading my newsletter - we have snow on the ground but I'm looking forward to spring!


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