Dress Design: Variety in Simplicity

When I was designing my Izannah Walker doll pattern, I chose to make a dress style like the original Izannah Walker doll wears below.

Sept/October 1993 issue of Antique Doll World

I liked the simplicity of the dress, and I was trying to design a dress pattern that could work for people who were new to doll making and dressmaking.   Linda "Suzanne" Fletcher, a member in the present Izannah Walker Workshop, made the following doll and wardrobe for her doll.   This goes to show that a simple design can be "fleshed out" in a variety of way with trim, different colors, a slight gathering of the sleeves, etc.  

Linda isn't the only one to have taken this simple dress pattern and made it shine.  There is a slide show on the front page of the workshop showing how different fabrics really make a difference.   


Thanks, Linda, for sharing your photo!

Dixie Redmond

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