Uncrossed Tayes and Undotted Eis

An art friend and I were emailing back and forth about whether we would ever be able to do all of our ideas.  No.   No we won't.  It was a big revelation to me that not all ideas must be executed.   The world would be short a few reality shows if people realized that.  Some thoughts can just be.....thoughts! 

I used to think that the goal of life was to get everything in its place and have a problem-free horizon. That is not doable.  There is never a time when all of the Ts (tayes) are crossed and the Eis are dotted.  Just when you finish the laundry or dishes or whatever lo and behold there is another!  There's always something...accepting that for me has helped me enjoy life more.   So when you have to call the plumber because there's a leak in the upstairs bathroom, it's just part of the parade of tayes and eis that need to be crossed and dotted.  But some don't.  In fact,  I'm going to let some uncrossed tayes and undotted eis run with abandon across the landscape of my life. 

And yes, you spell T as taye and I as ei.  You can check the American Heritage dictionary.  Doesn't feel intuitive does it?

Dixie Redmond


Jan Conwell said...

I don't know...tayes sounds like it would fit raht in down here. :~)

This concept could be the answer to my conveyor-belt-syndrome. Only instead of uncrossed tayes and undotted eis, I will be calm, and let some candies just roll by unwrapped. How liberating!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

:> )

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden