Colin Cowherd's "Say It Out Loud" Test

Sometimes I listen to Colin Cowherd because my husband last used the car and it's set on that station.  Colin Cowherd has a "test" he uses to evaluate an idea.   Here it is:  

"Say it out loud." 

In Colin's words, if your idea sounds wacky when you say it out loud, then it probably is.  It's a pretty good test for most action plans.  It's not foolproof, though.  I mean, the Wright Brothers' Kitty Hawk plan might not have sounded good said out loud. 

I have a different version of the say-it-out-loud test.  It's the say-what-you've-been-doing out loud. I suppose it's a bit like confession.  For instance, if you made what you've been doing an action plan does it sound reasonable?  As in "tomorrow I will sit in a chair for 6 hours randomly clicking on Youtube videos."  This is something young teens on vacation need to say out loud.

Does it sound like a good plan?  No? 

Recently I said out loud all the things I've been expecting to do this summer, and not just do, but do well.   It sounded like a bad idea when I said it out loud.  

"This summer I will design a new folk art doll pattern, keep my kids safe and positively engaged, keep a spotless house, make 5 folk art dolls, write an article for a magazine, eat healthfully, walk at least 30 minutes every day, make sure my kids read, wash all the windows in the house, make hypertufa troughs, write a book for my oldest about how to plan a good life, explain to my youngest why we can think some things but not say them...."
Well, you get the drift.  I'm going to the lake for the next two hot days.  My plan is to have a good time with the kids,  swimming and eating healthy food.  I said that out loud and it sounds like a good idea!  

Just for fun, check out this Youtube video my son showed me...
it's pretty funny.  But talk about saying it out loud, rap it out loud...

Dixie Redmond


Michi Ball / Prairie Prims said...

Wow, Dixie! While surfing on You Tube for 6 hours, when vocalized sounds very silly. When stating out loud the simple joys of life, like the lake with the boys, it sounds so wonderful! This is inspiring! I feel something's should be " hollered" makes em even more out there! Making yourself tune right in to reality! I will defiantly practice this. I WILL speak of natures gifts, and the special gifts of friendship to be included...and not take life for granted!

Dixie Redmond said...

Michi - I think I miss out on a lot of things with the swirling in my brain.

Michi Ball / Prairie Prims said...

I call it the NASCAR gerbil in my brain! Lol....conjours up a very funny picture, thus making the swirling acceptable! Embrace the gerbil! It is part of what makes you wonderful!

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden