Better Than I Expected

I bought this lovely old dress from O'Neill Antiques.  Isn't it nice when you buy something and it's better than you expected?  Edyth has a number of antique items listed now that doll collectors might be interested in, so check out her selling site.

It is woven wool.  One side is woven wool plaid and the other is a sweet brown heart print.  Edyth purchased this dress from Jan Foulke.   It was a child's dress in a classic style which was worn right up to the turn of the 20th century, and in some areas beyond.  

It is far too big for the poor beat up Philadelphia Baby Doll (Sheppard Baby) above.  But it seems like it might be okay for a large 29" Columbian reproduction doll.   The sleeve is a two-piece pattern that follows the curve of the arm toward the front.  The colors are really nice in the indoor shots.  

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