Designing Posters

B-team sports were defunded at our local school, so parents do fund-raising to pay for these sports.  I've been designing some posters for the annual Halloween Dance which is a big fund-raiser.  Which black and white and which color one would you choose?   I think if you click on the image it will enlarge.  ~ Dixie Redmond


Mary Ann Tate said...

Well I was trying to remember what my guys were like when they were younger and I chose the first black and white poster. Costume Contest is right out front and that was something most of the kids my sons hung around with really loved...even in university:)

Hill Top Post said...

I agree with Mary Ann for the b&w...costume contest is much more visible. For the color poster, I would go with the first one...again because all the things kids like (concessions, etc.) jump out... more eye-catching.

Anonymous said...

Great posters Dixie! The ones that caught my attention the most were: Black and white #3, Dance monster #4 and and the last one, orange green. I bet you had lots of fun making these.
Valerie A. H.

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