Day 1: Taking Stock

Mary Bean is an extraordinary and focused doll maker.  Go ahead.  Check out Mary's blog and view the beautiful creations she makes rooted in tradition.  Mary is focused.  I left a comment on Mary's most recent blog post congratulating her on finding the perfect curio cabinet for her wonderful art dolls.  I left a comment on her blog that kept bouncing around my brain.  I'll distill it as: 

"It's important to know what we want, 
so that when it appears,
we can recognize and own it."

The Latin root for the word focus is hearth or fireplace.  The origin for hearth is "burning place" and the root of the verb is "to glow".  I want to grow in these areas, and will be addressing them in specific posts. 


Thinking about hearths set me off to find a public domain hearth image.  Well, I didn't get that, I got this graphic.  But the words tickled my funny bone.  I thought you might enjoy putting a 21st century spin on the illustration...if you come up with something hilarious, please share in the comments. 

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Positively Alene said...

Love your creativity here. Great 31 days ahead!

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden