31 Days of FOCUS

Nester Smith is hosting the 31 Day Challenge again this year, where bloggers can choose one topic to focus on for 31 Days.  Last year my topic was 31 Days of Art.  

This year, I've chosen 31 Days of Focus. For many good reasons, I have been somewhat scattered. I'm going to take the time to FOCUS on what I think is important.  This starts on October 1st.  I'll be putting a link to each post here.  

You can see the other bloggers and their themes here  and a Pinterest board of 31 Dayers I'm following  Dixie Redmond

 1.    Taking Stock 
 2.    When You Don't Feel Creative
 3.    The Fun of Marking Milestones - Dream Come True
 4.    How to Plan a Good Life 
 5.    Party At My House
 6.    Focus By Writing Things Down
 7.    Focus on Hope
 8.    Focus on Finishing - Know Your Work Style
 9.    Gather Your Tools for Focus
10.   Clear the Decks 
11.   Believe You Can Do It
12.   Do One Thing
13.   Make Your Work Fun
14.   Try Something New
15.   Go Deep
16.   Under the Weather - no real post. 
17.   Fear Me, I Have Digital Calipers
18.   Why I Can't Focus on Art 
19.   What Spoonflower is Sending Me
20.   Izannah Dreams
21.   In Praise of the Middle Man/Woman
22.   Rules Aren't Always Meant to Be Broken
23.   Spoonflower:  Friend or Foe?
24.   Six Years of Folk Art Making 
25.   What Do You Naturally Enjoy?
26.   Disappeared In a Cloud of Spooky Makeup
27.   Cooking Day
28.   Oh Me, Oh My 
29.   Preparing for Stormy Weather
30.   Never Judge A Beginning Before It's Over
31.   Change My Perspective

2011 Blog Series

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"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden