Day 5: Party at My House!

A good life has fun in it.   The doll I bought on Ebay arrived and she is making herself at home with the Izannah inspired dolls I've bought from others.  This antique doll from the 19th century has been part of my research now for over 5 years.  So this is a BIG DAY to have one finally come live at my house!   In rough shape, but as Izannah painted her.   I'm letting her settle in and will enjoy her but next week she's going to have a photo shoot.  She is in rough shape but she is as Izannah painted her.  Now I need to name her.  ;-)

The seller did a spectacular job packing!  She put each doll in its own box and then packed all three with lots of cushioning.  

Two of my own creations are welcoming her to the fold!  


Hill Top Post said...

What a party! She is so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I can't think of a better home for this little girl! It's so good to know that a well loved doll will continue to be cherished for years to come in the hands of a special person!

Dixie Redmond said...

Thank you, Anonymous. :-)

Unknown said...

Yes, I concur. There's no better place for her. Will you attempt a recovery of her, Dixie? I am amazed that a doll can "live" that long. In fact she is in good shape for being about two hundred years old. I wondered if you will work to replace or replicate her missing parts... Whatever the case, I know you will treasure her.

Carmen Needham said...

How exciting for you! I wonder what her story is, did they tell you anything of how they came to have her? Or did they just happen along in sort of a sale and then sold her themselves. Well, now we know she will have a great home with you. I saw the subject line of your post and wondered who it was. So glad when I saw Dixie's name at the end, so happy for you- I know it means alot to you. I know if I came across a situation where I could make a home for an Izannah Walker doll, I would be so excited, too! Wishing you many parties to come! Congratulations!

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keep you from doing what you can do."

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