Certainteed Vinyl Siding Update:
Barn Red Discontinued, Autumn Red is the New Red

Certainted Barn Red - old discontinued color
It has been hard lately to find time for art-making.  Wait, that's not quite right.  It has been hard to find enthusiasm and energy for art-making.  In times like this it is good to make a list of the non-creative aspects of art making.  Things like "trace and sew a pair of doll legs" or "gesso a canvas".  These are things that usually take under 1/2 an hour and that is something which can be done with kids.  Breaking large tasks into smaller tasks means you can complete something.  Today is "trace and sew legs" day.

Another thing I want to do is to try and paint with Alex.   Nothing that is too ambitious, just colors on a canvas.  I am looking for things he and I can enjoy together.

And finally, we got word from Certainteed that they would replace the siding on the back of the house.  But the color we originally used has been discontinued, so they said that in this instance they would replace all the siding on the house.  That is what I am talking about!

Certainteed Autumn Red

It seems the dark colors invite more of this kind of siding distortion on sunny sides.  So we have been considering a different color for that reason.   I really do love the old Barn Red color.  The autumn red (above) is much more brown and dull.  Not lovin' it.  Here are some other options.  I'm exploring a couple other ideas as well.  You can read all the other posts about Certainteed Red Vinyl Siding here.  http://www.northdixiedesigns.com/search/label/Certainteed%20Vinyl%20Siding
Certainteed Desert Tan

Certainteed Savannah Wicker 

Certainteed Natural Clay

~ Dixie Redmond


Unknown said...

Hoping you got my comments on the barn red siding!

Prime Camping Store said...

Anyone have 2 squares of CertainTeed barn red siding for sale in the Midwest? Home Depot estimated our siding and shorted us 2 squares and now we cannot find it anywhere. Sure would appreciate a lead.

Kim said...

Do you know the name of the roofing shingle color that you used for the siding sample photos? I am in the midst of making a decision and I have that natural clay siding. Thanks!

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