Endings and Beginnings

Endings are a part of life, as are beginnings. School has ended for my oldest and it is a beginning of life beyond school. Right now, because of a lack of funding for programs, this means life at home with mom. We are trying to figure out what the next steps are. Transitions are hard, and for people who like to know what to expect even harder. Transitions come in all sizes, from heading out the door to deciding a direction in life.

Our lives were centered around the structure of school. Leaving that structure and its built in friend opportunities is a kind of loss. But school ending is also a kind of gain. So much energy and so many choices were focused on helping my son be at his best for school, energy-wise and emotionally. Sometimes we would not do good things because we knew it would leave him too tired for school. School, with all of its transitions, used the majority of the energy for a day. The bright side of school ending is we don't have to curtail other things to save up energy for school.

My friend Jan Conwell shared this thought with me on Facebook, and I really liked it. She said,

"I have a favorite author who said something to the effect of; the most interesting parts of life grow out of those margin areas, where one thing is ending and another beginning...the overlap is fertile ground."

The ground is really, really, really fertile right now. Time to plant some seeds.

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"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden