Adventures with Glue

I couldn't work in my sewing room today, so I decided to do some stockinette application. I had several dolls that I wanted to add stockinette. The doll below had been a cloth doll and I experimented with applying stockinette bandage materials. It ended up being far too prominent, so I tried to put another layer of smoother stockinette on.

The stockinette didn't work because I tried to use regular Elmer's glue, and it doesn't dry fast enough to grab the fabric. So I pulled it off and smoothed the glue to let it dry and will try again with a faster drying glue.

Here are the other three that were slated for covering with fabric. 
 I was able to do the smaller two dolls.

Here's what the little ones look like. 
The front one is any Izzy inspired creation and 
the back one has had more experiments than I can count.

By the time I got them done I was DONE with Adventures with Glue.
I'll let this dry, and then will put a layer of gesso on the fabric.  


J. Ann Firth said...

Top photo: Arrgh, hate going to the dentist! -The dolls are looking good with that stockinette.

Rob said...

I know this is two years old, but, I make cloth and paper/plaster dolls and the glue I use for adhering the cloth to the paper/plaster heads is a wood glue called Titebond II. I like it because it is very tacky and when it's dry it can be sanded and painted and helps make the piece waterproof.

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keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden