Day 11: Make Your Own Pressing Tools

MAIDA member Wendi Dunn made thiis tool
based o n the plans shared at the links. 
In the video I shared day before yesterday, a June Taylor pressing tool was shared by Nancy Zieman in the video on pressing.  Through the wonders and magic of the members of the MAIDA Dolls Group, someone found a plan for a similar pressing tool.   

Here are the links -  thanks to Diane and Valerie!  Wendi made the tool above from the plans below. 

(Note:  the above pattern may need resizing/enlarging)

Link to Chance of Rain's Post on Making a Pressing Tool.    Chance of Rain has a whole series on making your own tools which you can view here.

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Mary Ann Tate said...

I've had my wooden tailor's board for over 50 years maybe longer. It was the Dritz company that made mine. It's almost exactly the same as the one you have pictured. It's a invaluable tool to have:)

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden