Day 25: The Time It Takes

Like my heart pajamas?
I often underestimate or overestimate the time it takes to do things. For instance, the girl who needs hands from yesterday? It took me a half an hour to stuff and stitch the arms. Less time than I thought. I want to remember that. Next time I begin one of these, or an Izannah, I am going to write the amounts of times I work on it on the body so I really know how much time these creations take.


Hill Top Post said...

I don't think I really want to know how much time I spend on each doll! All of my dolls are made the Dixie way, little chunks of time here and there, but they do add up.

Jan Conwell said...

That makes a HUGE difference, doesn't it? Just realizing that an odd half hour here or there can mean a finished doll in a week or two?

Dixie Redmond said...

Mary, I know! AND do I count the time that I repainted and repainted?

Dixie Redmond said...

Yes. Nancy Ziemen had a book called 10-20-30 Minutes to sew which was all about using short chunks of time to make something. :-)

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