Day 26: Suggestions for Beginners

I wrote a post a while ago about Managing the Beginner's Blues.  It's worth reading, mainly because it has Ira Glass's piece about being a beginner on it.  Take the time to listen, if you can.

If you are a beginner, it does no good to look at extremely complicated doll types and expect you will make something intricate the first time around.  Give yourself permission to be a learner. Sew something very simple first. Buy a sewing book.  Here is a good one.

Make a very simple rag doll pattern.There are loads of them in the library in craft books, and you can find many free doll patterns online. Here is one.  Also, I have another simple pattern based on an antique design which I have in my shop here.

Here are some other resources for improving your doll making:

MAIDA Dolls Group - a great group of sharing individuals.

Vintage Cloth Doll Making Yahoo Group - this group is filled with veteran doll makers and resources for vintage cloth doll patterns.

Gail Wilson's Hints Page

Antique Dolls - they are an amazing source for inspirations.


Nancy said...

Is there a written transcript of this interview? There are some really good things I'd like to pull out of it for my craft guild. I can't seem to find anything but a

Nancy said...

oops--wasn't quite finished. Anyway, I can't find anything except the videos themselves. :-)

Dixie Redmond said...

Hi, Nancy - I don't know. If you check out NPR there might be. Google Ira Glass Beginners transcript....there are a few other videos at Youtube as well. :-) Good luck!

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