Day 28: Dressmaking

I'm at that point with the big doll in this image that she needs a dress. While on Pinterest, I found a pin that led me to this post on Randomly Happy about measuring yourself for a dress. You can see the finished results of that dress here

The graphic she has on how to create this basic pattern based on your body is helpful.  I think it's helpful when thinking about dressing folk art creations as well.  You could replace the elastic with a casing and a drawstring, or use a waistband that is the measurement of the waist and gather the top and bottom to fit your doll. 

I asked Randomly Happy if I could share and she said, YES, great.  So here you go.   She has a whole SERIES on making this dress which is fun to check out. Check it out here, the other posts are listed in this post.

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Jan Conwell said...

I used to use this basic concept when making T-Tunics for SCA garb. Very simply expressed here, well done!

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keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden