Dixie Redmond Izannah Walker Doll SOLD

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This doll is sold.  (More images below)
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The Latest Rare Dixie Redmond Doll 

This Izannah Walker inspired doll is 18" tall.

I started this folksy 18" tall Izannah Walker doll long ago, and used her to demonstrate adding stockinette to a doll in this video.   A doll making friend called my dolls "rare Dixie Redmond dolls", and so they are, especially the ones inspired by Izannah Walker because many, many hours go into their making. Sometimes it's because I repaint them several times, or as is the case with this doll, apply two layers of stockinette.  I've been studying Izannah Walker dolls for over 6 years intensively, documenting many Izannah Walker dolls in that time.  

This doll is made using my patterns with paperclay sculpting over cloth.  After the sculpting is finished, I carefully apply a cloth layer over the sculpted head and shoulders.  With this doll I experimented with using cotton tubular ribbed cloth, which had a more prominent ribbing.   She has cloth applied ears made of the same ribbed cloth that is applied to the face.

She has a second body covering similar to Izannah Walker dolls.

Her plaid gathered bodice dress is a classic Izannah style, layered with a printed apron which has been aged to soften its look.  Her dress is open in the back, and connects at the waist and neckline using hook and eye closures.

She wears pantaloons which match her dress and are finished with a shell stitch.   She wears a printed reproduction calico petticoat.

She holds a traveling companion, a china shoulderhead doll which I purchased at an antique auction.


KittyAnn said...

She's a cutie Dixie, someone scooped her up fast! Best, Ann

Hardin County Keepsakes said...

Beautiful doll.

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John Wooden