The Seeing Room

When I was putting the watermark on this picture I made a typo, and instead of labeling it "sewing room door" I labeled it "seeing room door." I decided to keep that label, because there is a lot of truth in it.  When I make art, I am "seeing" in a way that goes beyond the surface of things. 

However, my "seeing room" is stuffed to the gills (again). So it's hard to "see" what I want to work on. There are antique dolls, some vintage/antique doll related items, books, supplies I will never use and thingamjigs and other stuff which need to get sorted out. 

Once again I'm making room for creativity.  I'm looking through everything I've collected and deciding what to keep and what to send on.  Some things I thought I would use and don't will go. Work styles are very personal things - one person's favorite tool might not be mine.  It's all good stuff, just needs to go elsewhere.  ;-)

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And here is one item I will be adding.  
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I will be adding many more items this week. 

Art Fabric Mills 
Doll February 13, 1900

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Jan Conwell said...

I have one of these...they're charming, aren't they? The thing I like best is their role in the history of dolls, how the manufactured and mom-made came together in these. Your "seeing room" is on it's way!

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden