Tabletop Photography

Doll by Judi Hunziker
A group of doll makers made dolls using the Babyland Rag Body pattern I drafted last year.  Their dolls will be featured in a MAIDA Newsletter I'm doing for late spring.  It was so fun to see the variety of wonderful creations they made.  One is shown above.

Long cold winters mean natural light is in short supply right now   So I'm experimenting with setting up a table top photography studio.  This is in my basement to the left of the washer and dryer.  I sculpt in the kitchen to the left of the stove.  I seem to need major appliances nearby. :-)  The lights are desk lights. The paper is seamless photography paper I bought on Amazon. Today I will be making something better to diffuse the light.

I like learning.  Every new venture gives me an opportunity to learn.  Right now the focus is on taking better images.  Which may mean buying a digital SLR in the future.

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John Wooden