Candy Canes and Christmas Cookies

The title of this blog post sounds like it could be a song, doesn't it?  It should. I was trying to think about what my earliest Christmas memories are and I came up with these.

My earliest Christmas memory was laying under the Christmas tree at Granddad's house staring at the lights. This was the mid 60's and those big lights would get hot!  I remember one of my aunts telling me, "Just look, don't touch, because they are very hot!"  The lights were probably MUCH older than the 60's. 

The cookie memory is from first grade when my mom made 12 dozen iced Christmas sugar cookies for a school function. I remember mom bringing them in to the classroom and how proud I was of them and her.  My mom has made many a batch of cookies before and since then, but that's my first memory of her making cookies.

My dad often worked away from home in road construction during the week. So Friday nights were a big deal, when Dad was home for the weekend.  I can't place my age for this memory, but Dad had come home and the tree was up but not yet fully decorated.  

"What?!?", he said jokingly.   "No candy canes?  You HAVE to have candy canes!"

And so we started pulling them out of a bag to hang on the tree.  The tree did look better! 

So now we always have Christmas cookies (sometimes bought, for shame!) and I always hang candy canes on the tree. 

Have a Merry and Blessed Christmas!  I hope you have a few minutes to think about some of your early, good Christmas memories.  

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Simply Shelley said...

Christmas memories are the best, aren't they? Thanks for sharing some of yours. Happy new year......blessings

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keep you from doing what you can do."

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