The Transformative Powers of Cheesecloth

Last year I hosted an art party. It had been a long winter and I wanted to see some friends and do something fun. So I set out a long table with two painting panels on it and palettes of paint. I invited people (many of whom were non artists) to make random marks of color on the canvas, with the idea that I would "finish" the painting. Well, I haven't done that yet.  Here's where it was left at:

It's a little on the bright side because we were using pure pigment right out of the tube. I want to subdue some colors but don't want to obscure all the marks that were made at the party. I had the idea of hanging cheese cloth over the painting to get a sense of glazing. In a sense, it's like slipcovering your paintings.  

This was fun.  It gives me ideas of what I might do.  

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Unknown said...

Very cool idea Dixie! Those pure paint colors look great to my eyes after this long dull winter!

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden