Now's the Time to Ride That Horse

I like this blurry photo because it has a painterly quality. But also because it captures a half-time moment in a soccer playoff game when the score was 2-2.

There are so many moments in life when it feels like things can go one way or another.  Sometimes with effort we can help determine the outcome. But sometimes that is not the case. Figuring out which it is an important skill. 

My youngest son's soccer team has been competing in the playoffs toward the state championship. The season has had some very tough moments and some heroic ones as well, sports-wise. 

It's been fun to cheer them on from the sidelines and make signs for encouragement at games.  The sign below was made by another mom, but I love the sentiment.  

Life brings you seasons and opportunities that will never come again.  These are the purple years (school colors).  Now is the time to ride that horse.  

Next up the Broncos will face a very talented team ranked 24th in the nation.  Will grit and determination and heart win the day?  Go Broncos! 

Even Shelby the dog has got the spirit!
Too bad she can't do laundry.  ;-) 

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden