Relax in the "Good Right Now"

This blog became so solely focused on art that I felt if I wasn't making art I didn't have anything to say. I do. I do have a lot to say. What an interesting time of life this is, getting ready to launch one child off to college next year to live a good life and helping my older son who lives with us have all the opportunities and supports that he needs to live a good life. 

Right now it is soccer season - the final year of school sports for my younger son.  I love soccer!  It has been so fun over the years to see these young men work hard at improving. Their hard work shows.

Something I say a lot to my older son, and to myself, is to "relax in the good-right-now".  If I were to edit that it would be to Relax in the Now. Meaning that right now is good and I want to really notice that. People tease me about taking a LOT of pictures, and I do. But I do it as a way of paying attention to the right now. Sometimes we need to be mindful about seeing beauty.  

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Jan Conwell said...

My pets help me do this, relax in the good-right-now. They are so adept at it.

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden