What Can I Finish?

read Julie Morganstern's book Organizing from the Inside Out years ago. (I don't do ads or affiliate links. I only recommend books and products which I like. Links are provided for your interest). One of the takeaway points for me at the time was to look for what is working. It's easy to be overwhelmed with what is not working. But looking at what IS working creates fertile ground for that to spread. 

Recently Julie tweeted this: 

Finishing things brings psychological benefits. When you complete something, it brings a feeling of success that you bring to the next project. 

Thinking about this is what reconnected me to creating after a long hiatus following a very hard year.  It's helped me to look at some of the things on my creative shelf that I'd like to finish.  Here is one.  I started to learn mold making by sculpting a mini Izannah, then making a plaster mold of it. The shoulder heads that came from the mold are all different, because pulling from the mold makes slight changes and how the clay dries changes the shape slightly, too. Another variable which affects the final head is how wet the slip is when you pour it into the mold. It's s fascinating process, although my first attempt was very rough.  I don't know that I will use this process much, but I like learning new things.  

Here is a little sculpt I made at the same time.  I like her babyish look.  

Right now I am "finishing" being a soccer mom.  It's been a joy.  

After that?  Back to art-making. 


Jan Conwell said...

I like this concept a lot. Starting too many things without finishing is a weakness I have struggled with. Some of those have lessons for me--why did I start this when it clearly is not something I want to pursue? Throw it out. If the question arises to the complexity, (Did I start something that feels too hard?) then I will keep it, and make small strides on the project. Eventually I finish those, and yes, it does feel good!

Dixie Redmond said...

Jan, I am trying to kick the "oughts" to the curb, and just make what I really love making. I will be making dolls, but also focusing more on 2D works. Once soccer season ends!

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden