Making Slipcovers for Furniture

Because I chose a new colorful rug For my living roomI need to slipcover a chair and loveseat. I thought I'd share the resources here for those who are also going to try learning to slipcover furniture, and also so I can find them again.

This guy has a series of well done videos on YouTube.

This now vintage book (!) is how I originally learned back in the 80's - before the Internet, y'all!!!.

Slipcovers and Bedspreads

That book is a penny used, y'all.  And now vintage,  SMH.

If you can get ahold of John French's out of print DVD videos for learning to make patterns for slipcovers, buy them.  They are very well done.

On this Pinterest board I've collected links to videos and images about making slipcovers.

Using welt, not using welt, whether to use colored welt, etc, length of skirt, etc., all dramatically affect how your chair/couch, etc. can look.

There is a discount place nearby that sells drapery fabric.  Consider what the backside of a fabric looks like.  Sometimes the more muted side can be exactly what you're looking for.

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