Day 13: Framing Your Experience

Photo of my dried up palette.
Joan Mitchell has some good things to say in this article about how she approaches art making. One art prompt she suggests is to "frame the experiences that move you." She goes on to explain what she means. Read the article below. It has really good thoughts.
"Mitchell followed a unique ritual to remember the many objects, colors, and experiences that moved her. She called it “framing”—a means of paring an event down to a single image, and then storing it her mind, like a metaphysical mood board."
This idea of "framing your experience" is important. I've been doing this for a while using my iPhone for notetaking for painting ideas. I took a class on taking photos with my iPhone which was really helpful. One of the things David Molnar emphasized in a photography class I took was that in taking and editing photos, you are expressing how you feel about the subject, not just what it looks like.

The article is well worth reading for any type of artist. It helps if you've been in a dry place about making art.

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden