Hope Makes Plans

I'm working on two projects lately. One is an artwork project, and another is an advocacy project for people who are autistic or have developmental disabilities. I haven't talked much about the art project. It is mostly a hopeful project for ME personally. When I'm closer to the end, I will share here. But I've been thinking about how these two projects - artwork and advocacy -  are similar in process, and what moves them forward.

In order to make art, and in order to make a positive difference in this world, you have to believe that you and your thoughts matter in the larger scheme of things. With the artwork project, when someone buys your work they are saying, "I agree with you. Yes, this is important. I want to be reminded of this visually." The advocacy project begins with the hope that we can make things better and those with power to make a difference will listen. And then they will act on what they've heard. 

Anyway, the energy to act at all comes from HOPE of seeing how things could be better. Hope knows that mediocrity isn't good enough. And HOPE makes plans. 

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"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden