I saw a somewhat naive but also modern feeling painting at a local antiques mall. I really loved it and kept thinking about it. I visited it about 4 times. You KNOW when you are visiting particular things in antique stores it means you should buy it, right? 

So I went to the antique mall with the intention of buying it and GASP there was a lovely older man pulling it off the wall and checking the price. I pretended I wasn't watching, and breathed a sigh of relief when he put it back on the wall. It was the BUMP I needed. When he left that stall, I took that painting directly to the front desk and asked them to hold it for me to buy. The painting needs cleaning. It appears it may have been hanging somewhere above a fireplace OR was owned by someone who smoked. I don't know anything about cleaning vintage and antique paintings. It doesn't smell like cigarette smoke, though. I wonder what lighthouse this is and if it is a MAINE lighthouse? 

While I was in the same antique store I visited this sign for the second time. 
I COULD pant a similar one, but if it is there for my birthday, I will buy it! 


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John Wooden