A Doll Party in Fredericksburg, Texas

I had been talking for many years about going to Texas to visit my friend Edyth.  Finally this year, we took the opportunity to fly to Texas!  My sister Katrina offered to care for my son and our dog. So my husband and I made plans to go to San Antonio for a trip to Texas and drive to Fredericksburg to visit Edyth. 

Dixie Redmond and Edyth O'Neill

Edyth and I have a mutual interest in visual art, in antique cloth dolls, and specifically Izannah Walker dolls.  We wrote an article together for Early American Life on Izannah Walker dolls some years ago. We've been emailing for many years. Edyth has been a mentor and source of knowledge about antique dolls to me and many other people.  Edyth has been collecting and studying dolls for many years

Back row dolls:
 Dixie Redmond doll, Dixie Redmond doll,
two 13" Chase dolls, a Dixie Redmond doll
and a doll head made by Dixie Redmond and painted by Edyth O'Neill. 
Front row:  Dixie Redmond Hopestill reproduction doll,
Edyth O'Neill's two antique Izannah Walker dolls, and my doll Hope.  

When I said we were coming to Texas, we decided we needed to have a doll party with our mutual friend, doll maker Elaine McNally. Elaine makes gorgeous dolls, so click the link to see what she's been making. 

I shipped my antique Izannah Walker doll Hope out to Texas where she could visit with her Aunt Edyth and her antique Izannah Walker dolls. What a joyful time we had on Edyth's back porch, sharing in studying the Izannah Walker dolls all together, and sharing our own creations made to honor antique folk art dolls. We masked up to see Edyth's beautiful home,. Below are some images from our time together. 

Elaine McNally and Edyth O'Neill above

I was the picture taker in the group.  
I came from chilly Maine and was a sweaty mess in Texas weather. 
Elaine McNally at left back, Edyth O'Neill at right back. 

Edyth O'Neill holding my antique Izannah Walker doll. 

Elaine McNally Izannah Walker doll - a gorgeous doll! 

Small quilts by Martha Rutledge, Elaine's mom. 

We all owned some antique printed aprons. 
We did a study of them together. 

Edyth and Elaine collaborated on a doll-making project.  
They made dolls based on Edyth's original creation in red from the 1980's.
These were amazing dolls! 

A closeup of dolls made by Edyth O'Neill and Elaine McNally. 

Edyth with three antique Izannah Walker dolls in the foreground. 
The back four dolls are reproduction dolls.
Large doll and black doll by Dixie Redmond. 
The last two dolls near Edyth are
Izannah reproduction dolls painted by her. 

Dixie holding a dear Elaine McNally doll.

Edyth and Elaine discussing a beautiful doll which Elaine McNally made above. 

Elaine McNally dolls. 

Some reproduction Izannah Walker dolls owned by Edyth,
along with a few antique Izannah dolls and some antique Marth Chase dolls. 

We were WOWED by the small dolls Elaine McNally has made. 
She carves amazing wooden dolls
in addition to making Izannah Walker inspired dolls 

These dolls are made by me from molds of Hope. 
The larger doll got a boo-boo when she was shipped home,
 so she is getting a spa treatment this week. I joked with Edyth
that the Chase doll photobombing in this picture kicked her. 

What a wonderful time we had that day!   I will share more later about the other parts of the trip with my husband. But I was so thankful to see Edyth again, and to meet Elaine! I want to do it again! 


Daisy Debs said...

Oh ! How nice to meet you all ! Dolls and tiny quilts ..love love love 🥰 x

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Oh what fun you must have had together. I can no longer comment on Edith's blog, so please tell her how much I still appreciate reading about her antics. She is one of life's treasures. So happy to see you all having fun together. Wendy Reed - The Constant Quilter.

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