Anna, First of the Izannah Walker Hopestill Doll Clan

Anna Hopestill is the First of the Hopestill clan - a group of homage Izannah Walker dolls I'm making using a mold of my antique Izannah Walker doll. When she came back from her visit to Fredericksburg, she had her final painting session, and is finished. She is 22" tall, and is large size doll based on my antique Izannah Walker doll Hope, and her face is made using an upsized mold of Hope. She wears a dress made from an 1840 reproduction fabric, and wears vintage/antique pantaloons. She is signed and designated Hopestill #1. This doll is now SOLD. 

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Here are images of Anna: 

Anna, sitting in an 1840's antique child's chair, 
holding the next creation to be finished. 

The body covering is made of organic hemp/cotton muslin. 

I'm really proud of this foot shape, 
Which was drafted from my antique Izannah doll. 

I am pretty proud of the curves in her upper body, 
which remind me of an antique Izannah Walker doll
I saw before she was auctioned in 2013. 

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Mary Goddard said...

Dixie, great job on her hands. One of my favorite areas to look at on a doll.

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John Wooden