Izannah Walker Doll and Maggie Bessie Doll at the Withington Auction

 I went away for a couple of days to the auction held by Withington's. They had an Izannah doll they would be selling, and I wanted to see her in person. Modern phone cameras tend to over-emphasize the lines on stockinette dolls, so it's important to see these types of dolls in person. In almost every case, the stockinette dolls looked better in person than in the pictures I took. I have posted more pictures of this doll at the Izannah Walker Chronicles, for those who like to study Izannah Walker dolls. At the auction someone asked how many dolls I have featured there, and I didn't have an answer for that. I know it's more than 50 Izannah Walker dolls which have been featured with some images, thanks to collectors, and doll shops and auction houses. 

The Izannah Walker doll being auctioned had some significant wear in some places. The face itself was so beautiful, with a slight smile, and the painted curls were divine! 

There were other very interesting dolls at the auction, but I sat on my bidding hand because I am saving up for a special doll when she comes along. Here is another interesting doll: 

Maggie Bessie!  This doll was owned by Shirley Temple Black, and was in near pristine condition. I took some closeups so you could see the intricate work in the cap of the doll, and the closure below the chin. 

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