An Izannah Conversation Print in Fabric

One of my goals this year is to learn about fabric design.  I really love old fabrics and some of the "conversation prints" in old fabrics are so fun.  I made my own "Izannah inspired" conversation print using the doll image from Izannah's patent. 

I uploaded the image at Spoonflower and got a sample sent to me printed on cotton voile.  Cotton voile is semi-sheer.  You can also choose to have the design printed on Kona or quilting fabric.  I've printed on the quilting fabric before at and like it but it's a bit thick for tiny dolls. The voile would be perfect for very small creations.

So if you're a quilter, and you like Izannah Walker dolls, then I've made this fabric available for purchase on Spoonflower.  It's my first design but not my last.  It reads somewhere between a pink and a red, a little on the salmon side.  Kind of like a faded red.  A fun color to put in an antique inspired quilt.

Dixie Redmond


Robin's Egg Bleu said...

It's gorgeous! Needs to be on quilting cotton too, just imagine the darling quilts that could be made from this!

Dixie Redmond said...

Thanks, Robin. I've been playing around with colorways. I agree it would be fun in a quilt.

When people order fabric at Spoonflower they get to choose the weight of fabric you want it printed on. Every printing is done to order, so you get to choose what fabric and how much you want. You can buy a swatch, a fat quarter, a half yard...on and on.

It's spendy, but for something unique and special is quite fun. I have another fabric I want to do now....gonna try making some images on my iPad. :-)

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