Choices, Choices!

"Checker Players", Milton Avery 1943
She's got decisions to make.  I would love to hang this particular Milton Avery painting on the wall of my living rom AKA - The Happy Room.  Milton Avery's use of color and shape speak to my heart.  Look at the black and white and red right in the middle of that painting!  Even where he signed his name is part of the composition.  Go Milton!  I like the contemplation in the woman's posture.   

I take a while to make decisions.  It comes from wanting to make the right choice and also from trying to accommodate other people's needs and wants. Tomorrow my blogging theme of  31 Days of Focus begins.  I did this blogging challenge last year and boy oh boy I was scraping the bottom of the barrel a couple of times.  But it's a good exercise to get you to FOCUS.   And I discovered some things I wouldn't have if I hadn't done the blogging challenge.  SO......get ready, get set, FOCUS.  


Hill Top Post said...

Looking forward to your 31 Days of Focus. I am going right along with you, but don't think I will do it blog-wise. You are keeping up with the "Beauty" on e-bay right now, aren't you? Your last post had to be written with her in mind.

Dixie Redmond said...

I am keeping up, Mary!

As far as blog posts, I just intend to report on my "Focus" each day. I woke up very early today and knocked off something that had been in process for months! Yay!

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden