31 Days of Shortcuts

In past years I have participated in a 31 Days writing challenge hosted by Nesting Place. You can read more about the 31 Days blogging challenge at her site here I was talking with my younger son about this, and some of the things I've written about.  I was trying to decide whether I can do it or not.  My hilarious son said I should do "31 Days of Banana Peels."   

I suggested 31 Days of Reposts and he said that was a very un-engaging title.  I suggested 31 Days of Doodling and he nixed that.  I thought of doing 31 Days of Making Things Happen but a lot of these things are not art or blog related.  He said, "You're really looking for a shortcut."  I said BINGO.  

And there we have it friends:  31 Days of Shortcuts

What is a shortcut?  

The term "shortcut" sometimes has negative connotations in our world, especially for people who build houses or objects people will depend on. "He took a lot of shortcuts" can mean shoddy workmanship. 

But the dictionary definition of shortcut is "an accelerated way of doing or achieving something."

Shortcuts are not inherently bad.  Innovation can come from someone trying to streamline a process.  

It's become clear to me that if I am to do all the things I want or need to do some things will need to be streamlined.  This might mean innovation in some areas.  I hope so!

I will be adding the links to future posts back into this post as I write.  

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9.  Shortcut: Do Not DIY
10. Shortcut:  Quit

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Rachel R. said...

31 Days of Banana Peels sounds like it could inspire some real outside-the-box thinking. ;)

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden