Long Haul: The Kind of Life I Want to Live

Times of change are fertile times. I've been thinking about what I want to have in my life, what I don't want in my life, how I can build up others, and how I can build up myself as well. Figuring that out means looking at what you are actually doing and seeing if it matches up with what you want your life to be. In 2011, I wrote a blog post about how choices are a gift. I did not understand some of the hard choices to come. But even so, I have choices, and am fortunate and grateful for them.

I am trying to challenge myself to have a growth mindset and not a fixed mindset, per Brain Pickings.   Here are some questions bouncing around in my brain during this fertile time:

How can I work within constraints and broaden my life?

Are there things I've deemed impossible which are actually possible?

Why is that impossible?

Will saying no to some things create time to do more desirable things?

Have I set up either/or scenarios when sometimes it can be a this AND that scenario?

Does fear of failure keep me from trying things which might be future solutions?

Do I need to let go of my way of doing something so a good thing can happen?

Am I doing some things purely out of obligation?

Are my expectations getting in the way of enjoying what is?

What am I a NOT doing that I want to do?

Has assuming the answer to a question is NO kept me from asking a question?

Food for thought.


KittyAnn said...

I love your posts. Thank you for these heartfelt questions Dixie. I am in a strange place in my life right now (just came off my 2nd go round with cancer, I WON! But am somewhat in a wandering state right now with my feelings) and these questions are definitely things I too need to answer. I've printed them out and will work through them. Best to you, KittyAnn in NC

Dixie Redmond said...

I'm happy if it helps, especially since it is just me trying to figure things out myself. Congratulations on your WIN! I am sure your feelings are still trying to catch up with your win. I haven't traveled that road, but am sending strong thoughts your way.

Jan Conwell said...

So true that times of change are fertile times. Sending good thoughts for your growth mindset and a harvest of useful results for your now and your future.

Dixie Redmond said...

Thanks, Jan. RIght now I'm reminding myself that "Change always comes bearing gifts."

"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden