Happy New Year! Time to GOOTH and SPIP!


I wrote a blog post about a year ago that I needed to GOOTH (get out of the house) more. You can read that post here:  https://www.northdixiedesigns.com/2021/12/gooth.html  I want to carry that goal forward into 2023, and also do more of seeing people in person (SPIP). I have a thing for acronyms. This year I went to some events where I met people in person that I had only known through online forums. And that was super fun! But I also want to see/meet more people in person here at home. The pandemic, parental illnesses, caregivers for my son moving away and friends moving away have resulted in some isolation that I want to change. That means meeting more people. Time to dip my toe in the water. 

Completing Circles: 

Approaching 60 brought thoughts about completing circles.  Last year I completed a circle to make an Izannah Walker doll totally from cloth. I sold the first large doll Anna, the first of the Hopestill Clan, to a long-time collector of my work. It was my first one, but not the last. This is something I will bring forward into the new year. 

Some circles I want to complete are dependent on other people and systems. Seeing my adult son who is disabled have the infrastructure of supports he needs to build a good life in place is important. I will have more to say on this, eventually. There are some tiny lights of hope that I hope will grow. 

Focusing on "the Good Right Now"

Against this background, focusing on the *good right now* is necessary (but also difficult). So that's a goal going into this next year.  To immerse myself in some processes - sculpting, painting, making, cooking, and enjoy those things without thought of time. A big job, but there it is. 

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"Do not let what you cannot do
keep you from doing what you can do."

John Wooden