Day 31: More to Come

31 Days of Doll Making this year has been an online journal for what I am up to in terms of folk art doll making.  I hope that you have been able to find some tips and hints which help you in your doll making. Don't forget to visit the MAIDA Dolls Group as there is an ongoing discussion about making, art, folk art and antique inspired dolls there. 

I have been finishing up a few projects made with the Babyland Rag Doll BODY Pattern, which I will share in a few days.  

Here's a RECAP of all the posts, with links. 

Day 1:    Kickoff with Making an Izannah Walker Inspired PDF E-book for $20
Day 2:    The Art of Finishing
Day 3:    Antique Rag Baby Pattern Based on a 30" Babyland Rag Doll
Day 4:    What Makes an Honest Doll?
Day 5:    Feltpro's Cotton Stuffing
Day 6:    Favorite Fabrics
Day 7:    My Other Doll Making Sites
Day 8:    Wash Your Fabrics!
Day 9:    Pressing Matters
Day 10:  Water Skiing Cats
Day 11:  Make Your Own Pressing Tools
Day 12:  The Art in Dolls
Day 13:  The Cats Are Waterskiing Again
Day 14:   Oh My Word - My Mudroom Has Taken Me Hostage
Day 15:   Missing Post?
Day 16:   Philadelphia Sheppard Rag Baby Doll 
Day 17:   Experts in Training & Caribbean Pumpkin Soup
Day 18:   Just a Babyland Rag Doll BODY Pattern
Day 19:   The Honesty of Handmade
Day 20:   Soup and Torsos
Day 21:   Just a Babyland Rag Baby Torso Sewn Up
Day 22:   Reverse Shopping
Day 23:   Inspiration Is Everywhere
Day 24:   Give a Girl a Hand
Day 25:   The Time It Takes
Day 26:   Suggestions for Beginners
Day 27:   Draw on Your Cloth and Clay Doll Sculpts
Day 28:   Dressmaking
Day 29:   Making an 1850's Dress
Day 30:   Sometimes You Begin Again
Day 31:   More to Come

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